9 secrets of longevity

longevityWishing longevity is undoubtedly one of the most popular. But longevity can be quite different – some spend the last 10-20 years of my life literally “captive” of diseases specific to advanced age. And yet – how to achieve not only long but full life to the end? Sequence answer to this question are trying to give the authors of Release Prevention, which are summarized as expected, the unusual and “secrets” of a long life.
1. Refusal of harmful habits
The inscription on the damage smoking on health is not at the whim of some bureaucrat. Giving up smoking and alcohol abuse can significantly prolong life – this is proven. And on behalf of the saved money for years old you can enjoy something far more interesting than a box “Marlboro!
2. Red wine
Experts have long argued that the prudent use of red wine (100-200 ml per day) is useful for the work of the cardiovascular system. The key is to drink quality, and you do not have a problem with stopping after the first cup.
3. Fighting obesity
Even the few kilograms above normal increases the risk of chronic diseases in the elderly. They relate not only mobility but also general health. Fat layered negatively affect vessels and increased risk of diabetes.
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